Unidata Community projects
Unidata Data Governance
Unidata DG contains a number of tools that allow you to:
  • evaluate data as an asset (including visualization)
  • create and describe business terms
  • create a unified view of information assets
  • set data management rules
  • monitor the movement of data from all business sources
  • link real data to business terms
  • manage reports
Data Synthesis
Unidata CE in the Data Synthesis project is used for the following tasks:
  • descriptions of the business model and Glossary of financial instruments and their management
  • setting data quality rules, including using arbitrary expressions (natural language processing, NLP)
  • formalizing rules for consumption, processing, and publishing Analytics data
  • ensure that financial experts, analysts, and data engineers work together
National Medical Research Center named after V. A. Almazov
Unidata CE is used for the following tasks:
  • ensuring reliable storage of data used in research projects
  • ensuring the quality of processed data
  • depersonalization of patient data
The UDC-based solution has been put into commercial operation and is used in both Russia and in Europe
Unidata CE open source core is distributed under GNU GPL v.3 licence.
This license allows developers to create custom modules Unidata Community Edition and alsi products that use Unidata API.
If your project exceed those requirements, please contact us at licensing@unidata-platform.com
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