February 19, 2020
Why do you need an MDM system?
Companies may encounter a variety of problems during business expansion. One of those problems is data quality and usage. Thankfully, it can be easily solved by implementing Master Data Management (MDM) solutions into your system. Here are some reasons why your business might require our data management solutions.
Reasons connected with business processes
  • merging with another company;
  • updating databases;
  • introducing new information systems or integrating with other systems.
Reasons connected with business features
1. Data is distributed across various systems throughout the organization:
    a) data is often merged, consumed, and generalized during report creation;
    b) full information on clients, goods, available funds, etc. is not present;
    c) amount of manual work and corrections that are performed during report creation.

2. Too much excess data.

3. A need for a single and unified truth source.

4. Workflow processes are not linked through various systems of the organization.

5. Business losses linked to data quality:
    a) losses connected to irrelevant prices;
    b) constant manual data cleaning is required.