Unidata Community Projects
There are several significant projects based upon
Unidata Community Edition.
Our projects
Unidata Data Governance
The main tools of Unidata DG are numerous modules, including Business Glossary (Dictionary of Business Metadata) and Metadata Crawler (automatic meta-data collector). Also, many features such as Data Lineage (special features for researching and documenting data flows in the storage) have become available.
Data Syntnesis
Unidata Community Edition is used for:
- descriptions and management of a business model and a glossary of financial instruments
- setting data quality rules
- formalization of the rules for consumption, processing and publication of analytics data
- collaboration of financial experts, analysts and engineers
Almazov National Medical Research Centre
The main objective of the project is to ensure reliable storage of various research projects carried out by Almazov National Medical Research Centre and its partners. The solution based on UDC is currently put into commercial operation and is actively used both in Russia and in Europe.
The open version of the platform is distributed under the international license GPL v.3. https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html

Under this license, it is possible to develop your own platform modules and products using the API. At the same time some projects imply going beyond the scope of the international GPL v.3 license.

In this case we recommend that you contact us by email: